Saturday, October 01, 2005

15 miles week-to-date / 10 planned for Sat-Sun

Today is Saturday and I will take a look back at my running this week. I spent the first 3 days of the work week at the Plainfield office.

Mon, 9/26
Did not run. I took the 6:00 AM flight out of Westchester to O'Hare. Had time in the evening, but was too tired. Got to bed early at the hotel and planned for an early morning run.

Tues, 9/27
Had an excellent 5-miler in Burr Ridge, IL. Beautful morning. Ran from the Marriott to County Line road. Looped through the grid streets of the local neighborhoods and headed back.

  • TIME: 38:30
  • EST PACE: 7:25
  • EST MILEAGE: 5.2

Wed, 9/28
Again, had an excellent early morning run in Burr Ridge, IL. Surprisingly, I woke up earlier than planned. I started my run at 5:55 AM. It was still dark when I began. The sun began to rise when I was 1/2 through my planned 4-miler. Beautiful morning.
  • TIME: 30:30
  • EST PACE: 7:25
  • EST MILEAGE: 4.1
In the afternoon, I then flew home to Connecticut in the evening. Dad was visiting.

Thu, 9/29
Thursday, of course, was busy at work. I didn't get up to run on this day, since I had planned to leave early with Jen.

Fri, 9/30 - MOHAWK'S PEAK
I wished Dad well as I headed out to run early. Jen was kind enough to drop him off at the train station.

I continue to surprise myself. I knocked out Mohawk's Peak in 43:08. Looking back to last Saturday 9/24, I've trimmed ANOTHER 32 seconds off.
  • TIME: 43:08
  • EST PACE: 7:11 <-- projected off of assumed 6.0 distance
  • EST MILEAGE: 6.0

It's just after 10:00 AM here on Saturday. I'll head out for a short 3-miler sometime today. I want to keep it easy. There is the BIG MSU vs. U-M game today at Noon. I have to make a quick decision as to when I will get in this run. I'll start my run at 11:20.

Tomorrow is an important run for preparation for next week's race. I'm going to run 7 tomorrow. Should be good prep for next week.

I'll be running the Great Train Race in New Canaan, which is a 6.8 mile jaunt from New Canaan to Wilton. It's hilly and quite challenging.

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DawnB said...

Ryan, Thank you. I love that course, I've done it 2 or 3 times. The course starts our fast. It is beautiful then it hits you somewhere in the middle with hills. I did not run it last year although it was on my schedule, I did the Hartford Marathon on a whim and this race was the next day. I've lock myself into Hartford this year, So it all depends on how I feel the day after. I remember feeling pretty good last but I'm not sure why I decided not to run the Great Train Race" I'm hoping Jim G will change it to another weekend in coming years. This is like the 30k Fall Frolic and the Darien Road race, it kills me when I'm not able to run races that I especially like.
Have a good long run this weekend.

PS.It was pretty tough runing with the wallet for 12miles in one hand and my mace in the other hand, but I just couldn't leave it there.