Thursday, October 27, 2005

Catching up - It's been a real busy time!

OK, open admission to the running world...

I am quite behind in recording my running activities, but then again, my running activities have not been as intense as I would hope. Truth is that the couple of weeks has been a combination of extremely challenging international travel and poor weather.

Tuesday, 10/18 – Dublin, Ireland

7AM Dublin local time -- I ran from my hotel in Dublin to a very busy roadway, and felt like I was risking my life as I cross in front of intersections. The weather was cool and quite dull – not a peak of sun in the sky. It short and sweet as I had to get to work.

TIME: 22:21
EST PACE: 7:25

Saturday, 10/22 – Back home in Norwalk, CT – Home, Sweet, Home

TIME: 37:59
EST PACE: 7:30
EST DIST: 5.0+

Sunday, 10/23 – Short run in Norwalk, CT before hockey game

6:00 PM - My bro and his little family came over today. They wore me out. We went on a hayride and to the petting zoo at Silverman's Farm in Easton, CT.

I wanted to go for a warm-up run to close out the week. I knew I needed to keep it short in preparation for the hockey game. I almost got lost in the dark

TIME: 18:37
EST PACE: 7:35

I then headed to our first hockey game of the season, which started at 9:30. I skated reasonably well for the first outing of the season. I opened up the scoring early in the first period with a pretty sweet move around the defenseman. I also scored in the third period. It was a moot point in the way of the team, however, as we went down 7-4.

While I recognize that 3 runs totaling only 10.5 miles was light, the reality is that the work/travel schedule was absolutely hectic. I just couldn’t control my time. After running in Dublin Tuesday morning, we traveled to London very early on Wednesday morning (took the taxi at 6:15 AM). Conference calls on Monday night went to 9PM. Thursday, we were at the airport in London and had to head to Edinburgh. I arrived back at the hotel very late on Thursday night – 12:15 AM. I was glad to get 7.5 over the weekend.

WEEK OF 10/24/05

Monday, 10/24 – Arrived home late on Sunday night and was quite sore from the hockey game. The rain was unstoppable. The weather was awful – high 30’s with wind and unrelenting rain. Opted to hold out for Tuesday.

Tuesday, 10/25 – Run from office gym to Silvermine, CT

5PM – Thought I was going to have a pleasant run in cool weather only to run into monsoon type conditions. First 10-12 min were fine as weather was clear. Last 20+ minutes were brutal as rain came down. It was uncomfortably cold, wet and windy. I think I got in about 4, but I didn’t have my watch. I timed my run on my Ipod Nano.

EST TIME: 32:00
EST PACE: 7:45

Wednesday, 10/26 - Morning

I finally got going at 6:45 after locating my gloves and headband. I need them also. It was cool and clear and a very good run. I felt the best I have felt in the past two weeks. I ran up Wolfpit to Cranbury over to Newtown. I then connected to Grumman via Ellen from Newtown. I did an add-on up Newtown and Toilsome ; and then headed back down my home stretch to Grumman/Overbrook.

EST TIME: 37:41
EST PACE: 7:30

I keep toying with the idea of a marathon. I am about to make a decision on Tampa, which is slated for Feb 26, 2006.

Thursday, 10/27 – Morning

7:30 AM – I had a strong morning run in the cool, dark conditions. I cannot wait for the time change this weekend. It is simply too dark in the morning!

The Ipod Nano is making music listening and running a snap. Just need to invest in some new tunes!

EST TIME: 32:37
EST PACE: 7:30

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