Monday, October 31, 2005

4-miler at lunch - Marathon prep begins


Marathon preparation has begun. Amazing to think about the effort required to get out a knock out 4 miles at lunch during a workday, when 17 weeks from now I'll be gutting out 26.2 in Fla.

Today was as picture perfect as weather can get this time of year. Really makes you glad to be alive. Mid-60's, sunshine everywhere and the natural spectacle of the beautful fall foliage.

Norwalk - 11:50 AM. I took a there-and-back path down Main /Ward to France.

  • TIME: 31:10
  • EST PACE: 7:25
  • EST DIST: 4.2

Exciting techie news... I received my Polar RS200sd in the mail from today. (How amazingly quick!). This tool will guide my training over the course of the next 17 weeks.

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