Sunday, October 02, 2005

Another 25-mile week

Saturday, 10/1

Well, I kept my commitment to knock out 3+ yesterday. I darted out at halftime of the MSU vs. U-M game with high hopes that I would come back and watch my Spartys win. I had a nice, quick run. It was warm and sunny. However, I came back to be let down by my team for the 4th year in a row. What a brutal OT lost. Ugh.

  • TIME: 26:45
  • EST PACE: 7:25

Sunday, 10/2

I started out around 9:30AM. Again, very bright and sunny. I did a sort of reverse route of Mohawk's Peak - but added on to go up towards the Elementary School on Knowalot Ln - out to Grumman. Honestly, I felt tired and struggled a bit. But I got it done.
  • TIME: 50:46
  • EST PACE: 7:30
  • EST DIST: 6.8

I ran 5 times this week for nearly 26 miles. This was outstanding since I did travel and ran two of my early morning runs in Chicago. It's going to be even harder this week. I'll be in Chicago for 4 of the work days this week. Not to mention two of them include group dinners and presumably late nights out.

I'm going to cut back just slightly this week. My goal is to get in 15-16 miles by Friday. I have the Great Train Race on Sunday and need to rest Saturday.

Target Plan:
  • MON: 3
  • TUE: 5
  • WED: Rest
  • THU: 4
  • FRI: 5
  • SAT: Rest
  • SUN: 6.8 RACE

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