Saturday, December 09, 2006

Destination Vegas

Sat 12/09/06 - St. George, UT

Long journey from Chicago on Thursday morning. I flew to NY and then made the short drive to CT for a meeting at work headquarters. Then hopped a flight from JFK to Vegas on Thursday night. Long day, was up for 23 hours.

Jen and I made the 2 hour drive from LAS airport, cutting the corner of AZ to get to my folks' place in UT at 1AM on Thursday night. Here's a first: I was in all 4 timezones and six different states in less than 24 hours. They are as follows: IL (CST), NY (EST), CT (EST), NV (PST), AZ (MST), UT (MST).

There's a very acclaimed marathon here that Runner's World profiled this month and said we should put on our life's to-do list. It's held the same weekend as Chicago, so I need to figure out when I can run this one.

Friday - Ran a short 4-miler in my parents' very scenic town of Ivins, UT - on the edge of St. George. I wanted to test the leg. I hadn't run since that very frigid jaunt on Tuesday morning. The knee held up OK, but again felt tender.

That makes for a whopping 9 miles total this week. With tomorrow's race (assuming I finish), I'll break 22.

We're heading to Las Vegas within the hour to hit the expo and check-in. I'm going to plan to run a 7 min pace for tomorrow's race - and then see how the leg feels from there. It's going to be interesting.

Then the wife and I will celebrate Vegas style for a couple of days.


Firefly's Running said...

Have a great time in Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas....'cept for a good post-race report. :D

Bob said...

Good luck Ryan. Hope the knee feels good.

Whitney said...

Good'll kick ass. Let us know how big the ass was when you're done :)

Running Rabbit said...

Will that include some shoe shopping??

Good Luck! (At the race...not necessarily shoe shopping, although you might need luck there though too!)