Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gingerly prepping for the Vegas Half

Something is up with Blogger Beta. I used to be able to create links and format text with bold and italics. But no longer. Now I can't even preview my entries. Anyway...

Saturday, went out to the Morton Aboretum to run my scheduled 10-miler. The Aboretum is is a protected nature area near Downer's Grove. It's really pretty. The Wheaton Group will start training for Boston up there, so I decided to become a member.

The main benefit is that they keep the roads plowed and the loops are pretty scenic routes - especially in the winter months. There are some rolling hills there, and I haven't trained on hills since we moved from Connecticut last April. I enjoyed the scenery.

During, yesterday's run, I confess that on the ninth mile, the left knee started to get tender. I was able to finish strong. I did stretch as best I knew how before hand, but maybe it wasn't good enough. Maybe I just don't know how. Maybe the IT band needs a good period of rest. 10 miles - 7:41 pace.

Today, I did my 4-mile recovery in the 1 degree wind chill around my residential area. Really wasn't bad since I dressed right for it - including "the mask" to protect the face from the gusts. Again, the knee felt tired and there was some mild pain. 4 miles - 8:34 pace.

I am expecting a new pair of Asics Gel Kayano XII to arrive at my house by Tuesday. I'm not that diligent about tracking mileage on my shoes, but I estimate my current pair has around 300 miles max on them. I am hopeful the fresh cushioning on the new pair will help the knee heal up.

The Vegas Half is one week from today. Will I able to run 7's? Who knows. Besides my knee issue, my diet hasn't been stellar. I've been drinking every day this weekend as a result of three straight holiday parties.

After the race, I will rest the knee for a solid 3-4 days, I've decided. I need to be able to begin training for Boston.


Mon 11/27 - 4 Recovery
Tue 11/28 - Rest
Wed 11/29 - 8 Gen Aero
Thu 11/30 - 6 Gen Aero
Fri 12/1 - Rest
Sat 12/2 - 10 General Aerobic
Sun 12/3 - 4 Recovery


Mon 12/4 - Rest
Tue 12/5 - 5 Recovery
Wed 12/6 - 8 EZ
Thu 12/7 - Rest - Fly to CT for work - then fly to Vegas
Fri 12/8 - 4 Recovery in St. George, UT (visit parents' house)
Sat 12/9 - Rest
Sun 12/10 - Las Vegas: RACE HALF MARATHON


Firefly's Running said...

You are really brave to run in this weather. I admire you.

BAPP said...

For the Blogger Beta problem, try emptying out your cache. I had a similar problem and it worked. As for your knee, I can not offer a similar remedy. Maybe the rest after your 1/2 will do it some good. Good luck in Vegas...Vegas, Baby!

Ryan said...

Thanks, Bapp! That worked!! Brilliant!

robtherunner said...

Good luck resting up and staying injury free before the half. Be confident!