Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rest Knee-ded?

Baby, it's cold outside. I rested on Monday as I planned. Today, I got out to do the 5 miles on the docket. There was little wind, but it was about 1 degree. Brrrr.

I was running about 7:40-8'ish through about 3 or so, when I did notice my left knee pain crop up. It's not excrutiating; rather more like a chronic annoyance at this point. During the last couple, I walked a few steps to see how it felt. I finished no problem, but I don't feel very race ready.

I dunno, maybe I just need to rest this thing up. I am contemplating now doing little or no running before Sunday's race. Maybe a solid 4 days of rest will do it some good. I can get on the bike once or twice before Sunday. And what difference in my time will any additional running do me? I should be in decent enough shape to run respectably.

After the race Sunday, maybe I will cool it for another 6 days until my group long run on Saturday the 16th. This would leave me 17 weeks to prepare for Boston, which is manageable. So maybe I won't PR there. All along, I've said I would be thrilled just to make Boston - even if I trotted a 4-hour marathon.

Additionally, I will go for a P.T. screen on Dec 18, which is the earliest I can go after we get back from Vegas.

I want to nip this knee thing in the bud. If I am going to have to skimp on training to heal up, I'd rather do it when it's sub-zero temp's outside - not to mention being able to celebrate the holidays a little.


Firefly's Running said...

I have to agree that the rest is what the knee needs right now. Don't forget the ice too and stretch before Sunday.

Arcaner said...

just take it easy. Your big race was chicago. No point hurting yourself now.

robtherunner said...

That sucks about the knee. Give it some extra time after the half and enjoy the holidays. You still have plenty of time to train for Boston.