Friday, December 01, 2006

Encouraging progress

I am happy to report that the knee issue that I reported last weekend seems to be under control. I have been significantly concerned about it over the past few days.

I think I just need to adopt a strong routine of stretching. My wife, a speech therapist, works at a hospital with physical therapists. She was able to borrow a foam roller, which is the tool of salvation according to OOSG and Whitney (thanks for the tips, guys).

I tried it before my six-miler. That thing can cause some discomfort! But it's important to stretch that IT band. Both runs on Wed and Thurs were no problem.

I think I need to resign myself to the fact that a dedicated stretching habit is what I need to sustain strong marathon running well into my 30's.

Wednesday 6:30 AM: Steady eight miler with no pain. 7:40/mile pace average.
Thursday 6:15 PM: Another solid six miler in the dark and cold. 7:36/mile pace avg.
Friday: NO RUNNING. Blizzard. Shoveled the damn driveway.

Plan for this weekend:

Saturday: 10-miler
Sunday: 4-miler recovery

Goal total for week: 32 miles.

Half marathon countdown: 8 days 'til Las Vegas. Race goal: ???


Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on the run. I hope the IT band gets better soon.

BAPP said...

I agree with you on the dedicated stretching. Is it guaranteed to help prevent injuries???..who knows, but a few minutes a day of prevention with stretching added to my running seems to be well worth it to me if it can help me avoid days, weeks, or months of no running due to an injury. Good luck with now trying not only to be the "Fastest Male" in your running group, but also the most flexible.

Anonymous said...

Stretching is definitely key! I have to admit that a just went to a continuing ed course where we debated the foam roller for the ITB - not really all that helpful in the grand scheme of things.
The Wharton's (PTs who write for runner's world) have a great stretching routine - the wrote a book but I also think most stretches are on the Runner's world site.
Good Luck.