Monday, December 18, 2006

The road to recovery leads to Boston

I rested an entire week from running and I really got the itch today to get back. I decided to wait until after this afternoon's appointment.

I went to the nurse practitioner today as planned and got my PT script. She basically agreed with the prognosis of the IT band (I need to credit Whitney for the fastest medical assessment). I knew I wouldn't learn anything from today's appt. but I needed to get it done. The nurse advised me to take 3 ibuprofen caplets 2x per day and wrote the script.

I wanted to get out tonight for a 4-miler to see how I felt. The weather is extremely favorable here right now. I felt good running 7:50 the first mile. First three miles were around that same pace.

I felt strong enough to extend it to 5 miles. My 4th mile I took a little slower to 8:40, only to crank it up on mile 5. Final mile 5 was a 7:09, which was nice.

Today's run: 5.12 miles - Avg pace: 7:55

All and all, the left leg felt OK, but I can still feel the ache in the knee. Gone are the days of not worrying about the leg - at least for now. Every step, I feel my mind evaluating how tender it is - and whether it's strong enough to keep running. This can be mentally taxing.

On the positive, I know I can run 5-8 miles without much issue. However, right now, I can't say with confidence that I will be able to go out and run 15 miles without wanting quit because of the pain.

It's a start what I expect will be an unsual "play it by ear" training plan. I am very meticulous planner, so this uncertainy will be challenging to endure. That's OK... all of this makes me appreciate running all the more, and will making being in Boston all that much sweeter.

Goal for the week: 25 miles


Bapp said...

It is amazing that you have avoided injury for the past 5+ years. Your great training and race at the LBCM may have been too great for your IT band. I think that you will be able to recover soon and be able to execute a good training plan for Boston. Nevertheless, as you say, the road, no matter if it involves injury or healing, will still lead you to Boston. You already have earned a ticket to be on that road.

Firefly's Running said...

ITB pain is the worst! I hope you get some relief soon. I highly recommend the ITB strap to wear while you are running.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy and good luck with your training

robtherunner said...

Better to be easy on it now rather than later when it really counts. Maybe you can double up a couple days a week to get the mileage in, but not all in one long stretch. Just a thought. Take it easy Ryan. We want you healthy for Boston.

Steve said...

Rest it up. Honestly, keep to 4-5 miles are your runs. Take the Advil. And above all, do the stretches/exercises they give you at therapy (religiously). Unlike some of us, you are catching the ITB early...before it totally immobilizes you.

GOod luck (and wish me luck with my ACL recon!).

Whitney said...

I know how you feel! The PT will help...just do the stretches and foam roll everyday...even if it feels fine. I do the foam roller every day still. I'm better now, so I know you can be too.