Thursday, July 05, 2007

Friday checkpoint - 93 days to go

First off, I want to sincerely thank my donors who have supported my ACS Charity Runner drive. I really appreciate the contributions. You can see their names if you visit my page.

There's a long way to go towards my fundraising goal. If you would like to sponsor me as chase sub-3 and help support the ACS, this is the place to do it!

It’s Friday. I am on track for hitting the 53-56 mile target range I set last week, but it will require a nice, long run tomorrow in the heat. It’s going to be 90’s this weekend.

Mon - 6
Tue - 12
Wed – Rest
Thu - 10
Fri - 6
Sat – Planned 20 – CARA – Prairie Path
Sun – Planned rest

I should hit 54 for the week after tomorrow's 20-miler.

Unfortunately, a snag was thrown into my schedule next week for the 5k. I need to go CT for an unexpected meeting and my flight will likely get me in on Thurs eve after 6PM.

This means there is probably about 1% chance that I will make it to the 5k in Joliet that night. Just don't see how I can pull it off since it’s at least an hour drive down to Joliet from O’Hare – and the flights are never on-time anymore.

I probably will try to hit the Viking Sunset 5k on the 26th instead, where I earned third in my age group last year. Perhaps I can claim a second trophy there.

For the record, here are the mileage totals in my last seven weeks in reverse chrono order:

7/2 - 54 (to be completed tomorrow)
6/25 - 50
6/18 - 47
6/11 - 43
6/4 - 43
5/28 - 41
5/21 - 38

After a short step-back week to around 45-47 next week, I plan to average about 57-58 miles per week for seven straight weeks. Folks, this phase will be the heart of the plan that will get me to sub three - and will undoubtedly be the most running I have ever done in my life.


yumke said...

Look forward to following along...

Firefly's Running said...

Looking good, Ryan. Keep it up. You know that you can do it!

Vendelascity said...

Hey Ryan,

I'm an ACS charity runner, too. I'm running Chicago in memory of my dad, who had Leukemia, and in honor of a friend with Cervical cancer. Hopefully I can run the race, despite struggling with a herniated disk and limited mileage while I go through physical therapy. I intend to finish the race, even if it's on a pogo stick! From one ACS marathoner to another, I applaud your efforts!