Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On track for 60+ this week

I am proud to report that I am on track toward my biggest mileage week ever. This week’s 60 miles will be a huge confidence lift as I progress toward my peak 70-mile week, which is scheduled for August 13th. Here's this week mileage so far:

Monday – 5:50 AM – Rocked out 11 miles strong at 7:36 pace

Tuesday – 6:45 AM – Ran a 4-mile recovery run at 8:40 pace. 6:30 PM – Joined the CARA speed work team. Did 1 mile warm-up + 6 100m strides – then speed work consisted of 3x1200m + 1x400m at 5k pace - 3 times. Then 1 mile at MP. Finished w/1 mile cooldown.

Wednesday – 6:15 PM – 6-mile recovery – 8:36 pace . Temps in 80's and 90% humidity. I won't pretend that tonight's run was totally easy, as I expected. The conditions were moist and sultry - and I was feeling the effects of last night's speed work. Nevertheless, it is DONE. I need to monitor my body signals to make sure I am not ramping up too quickly.

WTD thru Wed: 27 miles -- Right on track.

I feel very good about last night’s speed workout. I am convinced that it is important for me to get out there every Tuesday night. The last mile at MP of the workout really felt easy - and most of us went too fast. That's the nature of this speed workout. It makes marathon goal pace seem easy.

Rest of week plan

Thursday AM - 9-10 gen aerobic (easy)
Friday AM - 4 recovery
Sat AM - 21 LSD – 7:50 pace target -- MY LONGEST EVER MARATHON TRAINING RUN!

Looking forward to nailing at least 33 more miles over the next 63 hours. This will get me to 60+ total miles for the week.

Man, do I want to rock out at the CDC on August 12th. It's my next big milestone. When I say rock out, I mean I would love to hit 1:25:59 as the stretch goal - while sub-1:27 is the main goal. Suppose I will run 6:35-6:40 in the early going and see if I can push to 6:30-35 over the last 4 or 5 miles.

60-mile weeks are not easy, at least, not yet anyway... lots of planning, focus and commitment. The train rolls on....


E-Speed said...

It's nice to see you building mileage successfully! Gives me hope!

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome job! You ROCK!

jen said...

Great job so far this week! Not all the runs are going to be awesome, so great job putting up with that recovery run- it's good that you aren't pushing too hard on your easy days. Smart AND fast, wow!! :P

yumke said...

60+ miles! I love the fact that you can rock 11 miles at that pace.. i just run that distance diligently :)

Darrell said...

Looks like things are coming along quite nicely, cool!

Love2Run said...

Good work but be careful adding both mileage and quality at the same time. Your on track for Chicago.