Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Speed work was so-so... but driving ahead toward 58 this week

I am at about 20.5 miles through Wednesday, which includes a rest day today. I needed to take today off to recover and plan for a strong run in the morning.

On Monday morning, I cranked out 10 solid miles, which ended being a total avg of 7:40.

On Tuesday AM, I started the day with a recovery 4-miler at 8:40, in anticipation of the evening speed work routine.

Tuesday PM, I ran with CARA Speed Work group. We started up with a 1-mile easy warm-up and ended with a 1-mile cooldown. The core workout was designed to be as follows:

1 mile - Marathon pace - Target 1:41 400m repeats for a 3:00 marathon
2.5 miles - "Tempo" pace - Target 1:37 400m repeats for a 3:00 marathon
1 mile - 10k pace - 1:31 400m repeats for a 3:00 marathon

First off, I was tired going into this workout. Second, I should have written the target splits on my hand, because I forgot what I was trying to run.

Bottom line is that my first 4 laps on the track were too slow at about 1:45-1:46. I then ran solid 1:42's for about 10 laps - then averaged 1:37's for the final 4 laps. Honestly, I forgot what my goal pace was - and no one was pushing me. (Most are novices out on the track, and I have the fastest goal time).

I don't want to go as far as saying this speed workout was a disappointment, since I know from the experts that speed work doesn't matter right now... but I didn't go fast enough for a 3:00 hour marathon. It's all good, I got a decent workout in, but I know I need to focus more on LT runs.

I have a 12-miler planned for the early AM tomorrow. I plan to do at least 4 of the miles tomorrow at lactate threshold pace, which I think is around 6:35 per mile.

That sounds fast, can I run 6:35 pace for an hour (the unscientific definition of LT pace is what you can race in an hour)? Well, I ran 6:46 pace for 1:07:43 at a 10-miler about a month ago, and I have piled on the miles since then.

Rest of week will be the aforementioned 12'er tomorrow, a recovery 5-miler on Friday and then 20 miles on Saturday. I will probably land in the 57-58 mile range for this week.


jen said...

Great job on the 60 (excuse me, 61!) miles last week and on your recent workouts. Don't read too much into that speed session, you're still super speedy and will run sub3.

Did you get the Boston Marathon memory book and calendar in the mail? I was surprised to get it and was really excited about the calendar! Hope you got one :)

Tom said...

Just found your blog site and enjoy reading it. Seems like you get a lot from your running, and that's what many of us enjoy. I'm also running Chicago, which is my favorite. Good luck getting ready for yours. I post with another running friend, Amy, and we’ll look forward to reading more of your site and following your progress. Keep up the good running and posting! Tom