Sunday, June 11, 2006

Solid 29 mile-week, 19 weeks til Marathon Sunday

Happy to report a solid week. My pre-training for the 18-week Pfitzinger program is on track. We were blessed with some cool weather this weekend, which made for a productive training run.

I may be doing a hybrid btw the Pfitz and the Hal Higdon training plans, but I haven't figured that out just yet. Reason being is that I signed up for the Chicago Area Runners Assoc Training program, which follow's Hal's. But Pfitz's seems pretty convincing. I'll be going to a clinic on Saturday next week to listen to Hal and some other experts speak.

Friday, June 9th

No mileage scheduled for today.

Gym – Light cross-training
Stretching / Abdominal exercises.
Leg presses
10 minutes on bike
7 minutes on ‘gazelle’ machine

I purchased Amino Vital at the Vitamin Shoppe on the way home. I decided I would try it to prepare for long runs.

Saturday, June 10th

Easy 3 miles at recovery pace. Nothing exciting to report here. I ran a steady 8:30-8:40 pace, which was by design. Continuing to build the mileage base.

We went to a co-worker’s birthday party Sat eve. I ate too much dessert and drank a few beers, which I was hoping would not make trouble for my run. We did get home early enough to get a decent night’s rest.

Sunday, June 11th

Today’s 10-mile run was very productive. I ran north into Naperville and back to Plainfield. Main streets I took were Van Dyke to 135th to 248th (found a back street parallel to 248th near the train tracks). 248th up to 103rd and back down to Champion Drive - then the usual southbound trek home from there.

Plan was to stay about 8:30-8:50 pace for first 7 miles and try to pick up the pace little bit on the back end. Last 3 miles I did at about 7:35 pace.

Polar dist monitor is on the fritz. I ran until it read 10 flat, but I am sure it was closer to 10.3-10.4. Time was 1:25:58. Avg HR: 151.

The weather is very cool here this weekend. So it made the run easy.

This was my first double-digit run since Monday, March 5. This was a very good run. I feel very good.


Mileage goal of 29 successfully achieved!
Great rebound after vacation.

Next week plan

Mon 4 easy
Tue 7 – Tempo run for 4 of these miles
Wed Rest
Thu 5 – general aerobic
Fri XT
Sat 4 recovery
Sun 10 - LSD

Total: 30 miles

I've got to go the Norwalk office this week so I'll be balancing some travel and work with planned runs. I may need to rearrange these runs depending on how the week goes.


Susan said...

So glad you are getting a break from the heat. I look forward to seeing how the amino vital works for you.

Running Jayhawk said...

Nicely done. :)

We're having a RBF dinner this Friday if you're interested (details on my blog). It's in the city though, so traffic might be problematic.

Hope you can join us.

yumke said...

Nice blog! Look forward to following your training for Chicago.

Running Rabbit said...

Just curious...What's a 'gazelle' machine? Clearly, I am out of this loop!

Tara said...


Just saw you are running Chicago from Bob's blog. You will do great...and I totally feel ya on the cool weather running. This weekend was rainy but the cooler temps made all the difference. Hopefully tonight's warmer temps don't make me feel like I should be a "walker" and not a "runner."

Theoutofshapeguy said...

How do you do it all? I'm struggling big time with my training.