Friday, June 30, 2006

Week 2 update - Weekend plan

What do the Taste of Chicago, Naperville Ribfest, and 4th of July BBQ’s all have in common? They all happen over the next several days and are potential distractions to training. Need to plan (and eat and drink) carefully.

Week to date

Mon – Rest
Tue – 8 with strides
Wed – Rest
Thu – 10 gen aer

My weekend plan

Friday (today) – Rest day – damn, missed cross-training again
Sat – Med-long run 13 – Doing 11 with the CARA group (they’re following Hal’s plan) – and adding 2 more
Sun – Recovery 5

End of week #2/18 – Total of 36 miles planned

Week #2 Confession: On the “Rest/Cross-Train” days in the Pfitz plan, I’ve done more resting than cross-training. I went to the gym on Wed. I got on the bike, did a lot of stretching and did some light lifting. I don’t think I broke a sweat because I was concerned about my morning 10-miler. I will try to do at least one cross-training session per week.


It all seemed too logical, but at the advice of many bloggers smarter than me, I will pull my schedule ahead by a day to do all long runs on Saturday. This will allow me to run with the CARA group.

I have decided I will do this after Week #3. This is because I want to run a 10k race on the 4th – and I have speed training already scheduled for that day.

Mon – Rest/X-train – maybe I can get the X-train on Monday!
Tue JULY 4TH – Scheduled for L.T. 8 mi with 4 mile at 15k pace – BUT will do the 4th of July 10k race in Lemont IL – will warm up with 2 easy miles before and Lactate during the race
Wed – Recovery 4 mile
Thu – Gen Aerobic 10 miles
Fri – Rest
Sat – Med-long 14-miles with the CARA team
Sun – EASY, SLOW Recovery – btw 2-4 miles – Option to rest, since will pull ahead schedule by 1 day starting on Monday 7/10


Firefly's Running said...

Nice run this week. I usually break a sweat when I am doing my cross-training. I don't know why, but I do.

Enjoy the weekend. We have Taste of MN here, but either working or too busy to go.

mouse said...

this is when it's awesome to have others doing the same plan at the same time as you.

are you planning on staying at a pace below your lactate threshold, as Pfitz orders for L.T. runs, or are you going to race the 10k? I'm doing a local 5k and I feel guilty mussing up my first L.T. run, but if I put in a strong effort for the 5k it will be faster than I technically should be running. it's really not that big a deal, I suppose, because it's an isolated incident (i'm not planning to do my L.T. runs that fast each time), but I was wondering what others would do in the same situation.

Running Rabbit said...

I think it is so interesting to see how differently and maybe even similar that everyone is training for Chicago.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Nicole said...

I thought the answer to your question would be too much food, too many people, way to hot but lots of fun. Enjoy the Tast.
And hope CARA works out well for you.