Sunday, June 18, 2006

DG 10-mile race report - Chasing the goal officially begins

OK, so last night, I posted that my goal for the DG 10-miler would be 1:15:00. It seemed like an appropriate goal given that two weeks ago, I was sucking down cervezas and margaritas, burritos, etc in Mexico and not running at all. Sure, I had a decent 13 days of training since my vacation. But even before vacation, I was doing 20 miles week for the most part and not really with any speed. I did have that strong 8k in May, but my confidence was not so strong to run anything better than the 1:15:00.

Today’s conditions were overcast and muggy. Humid. But I was well hydrated and fueled. Sleep was only OK, but other than that, I was in good shape.

So I come out to today’s Downers Grove 10-miler with a race plan to hold 7:30’s through 8 and then push myself. I surprised myself. I felt better than I imagined. I am thrilled with the way I ran today. Here are the splits:

1 – 7:16
2 – 7:21
3 – 7:30
4 – 7:11
5 – 7:12
6 – 7:10
7 – 7:08
8 – 7:31
9 – 6:49 – Turned on the jets!
10 – 6:29 - WOWWEE!
Finish time: 1:11:41 – 7:10/mi
Average HR: 168

I achieved my goal for the week – 30 miles and an outstanding race performance for me.


I took some time to try and find some of my fastest races over recent years. Note I’m not that disciplined about keeping my race log book. I rely on the internet. Here are the race results that I could find from various dates/places in the last 4 years.

3.5 mile – 22:31 – 6:26/mi – Fairfield, CT - Donnelly Dash 4/10/05
8k – 32:26 – 6:26/mi – Joliet, IL 5/13/06
10k – 42:06 – 6:47/mi – Pittsburgh, PA – Great Race 10k – 9/29/02
6.816 mi – 47:24 – 6:57/mi – New Canaan, CT – Great Train Race – 10/9/05 – ULTRA HILLY!
7 miles – 49:23 – 7:03/mi – Norwalk, CT – Norwalk Summer Series – 7/17/04 – Humid/sunny conditions
15k – 1:08:04 – 7:19/mi – Ridgefield, CT – Boston Buildup Series – 1/25/04 - -9 windchill & hilly!
10 miles – 1:11:41 – 7:10/mi – Downers Grove, IL – 6/18/06
20k – 1:31:07 – 7:24/mi – Southport, CT – Boston Buildup – 2/18/06 – 1 wk before Tampa marathon – tried to hold back
Marathon – 3:23:55 – 7:47/mi – Houston Marathon – 1/15/05

I feel like I have a better 10k somewhere in the past 5 years, but I can’t find one.

So, you tell me, do you think I’ve got the potential to run the 3:10 in Chicago exactly 18 weeks from today?

Looking straight at the numbers, I think most would say it’s a stretch. I realize this.

The difference is this year my training and preparation will be better than ever before. My mileage will be higher than in past years. I’ve run most of these races on 20-25 miles per week. The marathon PR was run with a peak of 40 miles per week. I'll be using Pfitzinger's program to peak at 55-miles this time around.

Let my pursuit of the goal begin – officially with Week 1 of 18 beginning tomorrow.


LeahC said...

good luck with the start of your training. I am trying to take a lot of time off this year as well but also doing tons more miles and speed workouts as well. Why don't you figure that you will do the 7:15 (i think that's right for 3:10) pace and base your training runs on that pace. So base your long runs on 10-20% slower and if you are doing any other speedwork or just general aerobic runs try and base your pace for those runs on what your marathon race pace woudl be. So I would like to pace a 8:15 so my long runs are between 9:00-10:00 and my "getting the miles in" runs are between 8:15-8:45. If you find that you can't keep up with those paces based on your race time, they scale it back a bit...if you feel comfortable i say go for it!!!

good luck!

Running Rabbit said...

How the hell are you able to "turn the jets on" at mile 9??? So envious!