Thursday, June 08, 2006

Summer running is here, 136 days to go to MARATHON #7

Tuesday, 6/6

6:33 AM CDT - I embarked on my 5-miler into the morning sun. I'm realizing that I will need to get up at first crack of dawn in July and August to beat the heat. I completed this day's 5-miler without incident at a total pace of 7:51. I am realizing that I need to get back into better running shape.

This will be my first fall marathon. It's a different dynamic training for long-distances in the warm weather. I relish the cool weather, but I am going to make adjustments.

Wed, 6/7

Wed was a rest day. I am not a huge seafood eater, but I enjoy some of the basics: shrimp, calamari, etc. I read in Pfitzinger's book about the importance of iron in the distance runner's diet. I also read in Runner's World how salmon was one of Liz Applegate's best foods for runners.

So I gave salmon, a major source of iron, a shot. I bought salmon steaks at our local grocery and grilled them up on Tuesday night. All went well until about 1:30 AM, at which time I awoke to my bowels rumbling in a thunderous manner. There were several more trips to the bathroom during the night that cut into my sack time. Did I not cook it all the way?? Wouldn't even tried the salmon if I wasn't trying to get into marathon shape. Ah, the things we do for running.

Thurs, 6/8

If you've not read my blog before, we just moved from Connecticut 5 weeks ago. Connecticut is hilly, tree-covered and beautiful. We just couldn't afford to buy a house there.

6:20 AM -- Today, I set out on a 7-miler in my new territory. I run through several "new construction" neighborhoods and marvel how flat the land is. I run upon the land that farmers owned for decades, but finally sold out to developers who are reaping the benefits of the Chicago sprawl. We are 35 miles out from downtown, but the growth is explosive.

Anyway, today's run was productive. My Polar distance monitor is acting up. The pod signal is cutting out. So, I know was running at slowest an 8:30 pace, so I am guessing 7. The sun beat down and it starting to get warm.

NOTE TO SELF: Must hydrate during all runs 6+ miles. I will start running with a pack for these runs.

16 miles WTD


Running Rabbit said...

Ryan..."heat shmeat"...what you need is some OIL out there to help you!

robtherunner said...

Glad to see you are gearing back up for the next marathon. Remember, we'll be holding you accountable. Think 3:10!

Liv said...

It's really tough getting out of that summer heat - congrats on getting up early! That's dedication.