Monday, June 05, 2006

Starting slow, 139 days to go

BUMMER... I had a decent blog entry written and somehow deleted it. Starting again.

Vital signs at wake-up this morn:
Weight: 171.2 - only gain 1 pound in Mexico! Need to get to the 165-167 range for race pace of 3:10 in 20 weeks.
Resting HR: 47-49 range -- probably needs to be in the high 30's-low 40's at peak training
% Fat: 15.0 -- not sure I trust this number on my scale, but thought I would record it for fun
Mood: Overwhelmed, but confident - not sure how I will get everything I want done
Sleep: 7 hours - need to try for 8 - plan for 8 every night when possible!

Run today
4 miles at a slow 8:30 pace. Nearly had my GI track implode and had to do some walking to avoid a messy situation. But I made it home without incident.

Remainder of the week - Goal is to build mileage without exhaustion/injury
Tue 5 easy
Wed Rest
Thu 7 easy
Fri Rest
Sat 3 recovery pace
Sun 10 slow
Target: 28-29 for the week -- Will try for 30 in pre-train week #2 before the formal 18 week regimen begins.

I signed up for the training program today. I look forward to training with other Chicago Area runners!


Running Rabbit said...

A slow 8:30 pace! Hah! And you only gained 1 lb on vacation? I need to vacation with you!

teacherwoman said...

I don't think I will ever reach a point where I do a slow 8:30! Wow! Good luck with your training!

Liv said...

What kind of amazing low-fat Mexican cuisine were you dining on?! You definitely need to share your secrets...

turnip said...

Good, luck, sounds like a good plan. What marathon are you shooting for?

Zeke said...

Ryan, how tall are you?

I wouldn't worry about your recent down-time - it allows the body to recharge.

I was reading the latest Triathlete magazine last night and it said Cameron Brown takes a month off every year.

Another local stud triathlete says athletes that don't take any downtime never experience the highs and lows - just plateaus.