Thursday, June 15, 2006

Still targeting 30 this week - are flatlands impacting speed?

Just arrived home from the corporate HQ in Connecticut (my recent former home). I'm exhausted so this will be short.

Monday was a much needed rest.

Tuesday morning - I had an excellent 7-miler around Plainfield/Naperville. Actually was closer to 7.5. It was the best I had run in weeks. I think I averaged around 7:40 pace - which I used to think was only "ok" - this was relatively fast as of late. It was a solid run. I traveled in the afternoon.

Wed AM - Trumbull, CT - I was forced to stay way out from Norwalk due the US Open in Westchester. All the hotels were booked up. I ran in CT through the hills in the gorgeous morning and it was great. I did a total of 4 in 30:40 with hills.

I had begun to feel like I couldn't run with any speed like I had before. I think I have a clue as to why. This area has no friggin' hills like in Connecticut! My quads are getting weaker with the pancake flat landscape. Is this impacting my speed?

Thurs - Rest / too busy with all day work stuff

Target mileage for the weekend:

Fri - 5
Sat - Easy 4
Sun - 10 miler Downers Grove race

Hopefully I can hit all the miles - with the race - and have 30 for the week.


Bob said...

My guess would be that it is not the lack of hills that is impacting your speed. As you continue to build base it will come back to you. Reagardless those are nice splits, good luck getting to 30.

Running Jayhawk said...

Nice job. I haven't had a 30-mile week in uh...months?

Color me jealous with your rockstar running skillZ.

Have fun at the CARA meeting tomorrow.

Running Rabbit said...

Who needs hills to train on? But if you must...Cincinnati has some great ones...come on down!

robtherunner said...

I am not sure what flatlands are like since there are hills everywhere in my neck of the woods.

So my schedule has changed and I am going to be doing a 12 week pfitzinger program. I just ordered the advanced marathoning book. I'll write more in a post, but we can compare results after our October marathons.