Sunday, March 11, 2007

Celebrating a half century with Universal Sole

I hauled out to Lincoln Park today at the crack of dawn for a wonderully organized 20-mile Boston bound run sponsored by Universal Sole. I must say these guys did a great job today.

· First, the weather was awesome. Running along the lakefront path in the stunning picturesque city of Chicago was a treat.
· Second, the technical shirts are really sweet. (yes, sweet technical shirts - no cheap tee's here)
· Third, they had the "right" amount of aid stations with plenty of water, gatorade and gels.
· Fourth, I got a free stretch by a certified (and young, attractive female) PT after, which my IT bands needed (with the wife onlooking carefully).
· Fifth, free vitamin water and Chili after.
· Sixth, this wasn't even a RACE -- It was just a trainng run; and they still pulled out all the stops.
· Seventh, it was only $20!!!!

I am an official fan of this running store, even if it is 40 miles from my house. Only confusion for me was I thought I read about free Goose Island beer afterward, but I am guessing I was dreaming. I'll let it slide. Everything was great.

I knocked out the 20 without much issue, except I did feel the right IT band flare up for the last 3-4 miles. I am sore right now. Of course, said cutie PT urged me to visit her clinic for a free injury screening. See splits (short breaks not timed).

With that little event, I hit the half century. Yup, 50 for the week. Ready to rest and then race the next two weeks.


Fran said...

Thanks for the tips on the ITB. Nice job. I bet your wife doesn't want you visiting that PT! :)

terryg said...

Universal Sole is great! I happily wore an excellent donated shirt at the LA marathon, and donated another to the guy that put me up to running it in the first place. Good Chicago representation in LA.

Congrats on your excellent 20, and thanks for writing. It is indeed inspiring (esp for a slowpoke like me). I was seriously considering the 20, but elected to allow for recovery instead.

Hey, this is my first comment in the blogging world!

Michael Jay Dotson said...

Nice run. That's bound to give you a little confidence in these final few weeks.

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads on the mileage this week. You are getting SO close to the big race.

robtherunner said...

Sounds like a nice way to knock a 20 miler off the schedule. Glad the wife was onlooking carefully. Mine would be as well.