Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Still on track - 41 days to Boston

One of my dream goals is on its way to becoming reality. I am laboring through training, which is not nearly as intense as it was for the Chicago marathon. I’ve had some run-in with IT band syndrome and have dealt with some horrendous Chicago weather. Nonetheless, I will be running the Boston Marathon in 41 days.

I enjoyed an easy recovery 5-miler yesterday, and rocked out my first speed work in a while today on a 7-miler. I ran 3 miles at sub-6:40, to help prepare for my 8k race later this month.

This post is being posted to my running blog as well. For my running blog readers, check out the site www.43things.com to help set your lifetime goals.


Bob said...

Keep up the good work Ryan, sub 6:40, yea you must be feeling a little better.

Faithful Soles said...
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Faithful Soles said...

Ryan, the hard part about Boston is over... getting there. Enjoy the ride and take your time while you are there. I have run it 3 times and the third time was with a severe groin pull, but I simply focused on the moment and had a great time (not on the clock) from start to finish. (Sorry about the confusion on the previous post that I deleted, I was in the midst of typing a note to another Boston qualifier about our Blog Database).

yumke said...

Very excited for you and looking forward to counting down your final days of prep..