Saturday, March 10, 2007

Come enter the "running miles for beers" contest

Did I ever tell you that I love beer? Do a lot of runners truly love beer? Of course, moderation and good judgment are essential for the runner who loves beer. I am guessing that I put back more beers than the average BQ'er this past fall (ok, not before long runs!). I try to be sensible and balanced, but allow me to indulge into a funny thought I had for a minute...

Let's suppose someone created a constest in which the participants would have to drink a 12 oz beer for every mile he/she ran in a given 7-day period. The rules are:

1. You have to run the same amount of miles as beers you drink in a week - there are no points for running more miles than beers or vice versa.
2. You can put in your miles and beers at any time you want - so long as it falls within the 7-day period.

The winner is the runner who will have completed the most beer-miles.

I am thinking I could run 30 miles and drink 30 beers in a week -- and go to work every day. I'm not endorsing this idea, or supposing that it is a good, healthy thing to do, I am just saying that's what I think I could do if someone put me to the test. And, if I had the week off from work, I bet I could do 40 miles and 40 beers in a week. All right , that may be a bit excessive, but it was kind of funny that I thought of it. (Note: Don't over-drink and run, it's not healthy.)

I altered my schedule this week and today is a rest day. Go figure, that it is the most amazingly beautiful day we've had in months. It's 60 here today with sun -- FINALLY. I ran 5 straight days Mon thru Fri and am at 30 miles WTD.

We will spring ahead tonight one hour. I will be running the Universal Sole Boston 20-miler tomorrow in Lincoln Park at 8 AM, which will feel like 7 AM (free beer after, yeah!). With time needed to eat, stretch, commute to the city and park, I need to get up at 6 AM, which will feel like 5 AM, of course.

After tomorrow's run, I will have completed 50 miles for the week - my most since last October. Given my hectic travel schedule the weeks of 3/26 and 4/2, I am pretty certain this will be my peak week before Boston. I have races the next two weeks and more 20-miler before April 16th. See my upcoming race schedule.


Fran said...

30 sounds about right. it works out to a little over 4 a day. one with each meal and then one right before going to bed. Drink the last 2 after the long run. Sounds like fun!

yumke said...

yum.... beeeeer...

sorry, what were you saying?

great idea... i'm glad you're not doing a beer per kilometre, cause that'd be A LOT of beer

Whitney said...

I thought the Uni. Sole run was great too! a great value for $20. I wish they did one out at waterfall glen or something for the hills. nice job.