Friday, March 02, 2007

On the defensive - 45 days 'til Boston

I am cautiously responding to symtpoms of an ITB now in the RIGHT side (recent issue was on the LEFT). I am foam rolling big-time and doing my hip flexor strengthening exercises. It is not serious yet, but this is similar to how I felt when my left ITB start up back in November. I have completed three runs so far this week:

Monday - 5 miles - I did a relatively easy 5 miler on the treadmill - around 8:12 average pace. For some reason, the pace felt faster. This is when I first felt some minor discomfort in the lower right knee area. I think I was pretty tired from Saturday's 17-miler.

Tuesday 5 miles - 7:51 - I cut this run short due to concerns over my right ITB.

Thursday - 8 miles - 7:50 pace - We had lightening and rain yesterday morning, so I ditched work at 4pm to head for a run. No problems here, but later in the run, I did feel some tenderness on the right side.

Just when you get the left leg 100% healed, the other one starts acting up. Such is life! I am hoping it is my imagination.

WTD: 18

Weekend plan

Friday - Gentle 3 recovery pace
Saturday - 17-18
Sunday - Rest

Goal mileage for the week: 37-38. Was hoping to crank it up to the high 40's next week.

45 days to go to Boston.


Firefly's Running said...

Hang in there, Ryan. I hope it gets better.

Fran said...

I guess the body trys to compensate for issues that you have. Maybe that's why it appears to alternate between legs.

yumke said...

hey, it's coming fast, isn't it.. i'm really interested in knowing what's going through your head as the big race comes.. i mean, it's such a great accomplishment to get there and if you had time recently to soak that in?

Neese said...

bless your heart, I sure hope it's your imagination too..
just do your best to take good care the next 45 days..