Sunday, March 04, 2007

Six weeks to Boston

I completed another successful week by coming in right on my mileage target again. The weather again yesterday in Chicago was a bit dicey for an early morning long run, but, thanks to runner camraderie, we got 'er done. Ice, wind, chills, snow, you name it, we had it!

I am paying extra-special attention to my right ITB. I felt a near limp after yesterday's 17+ miler. Classic soreness in the outer knee. I am rolling like crazy and doing my leg lifts for my hip flexors. I think I concentrated so much on my left that now my right side is weak. Damn!

Now I will try to carefully raise my mileage while trying to stay healthy. I'm not focusing on speed work too much here, folks. There's no 3:10 in my future in Boston.

I am signed up for the Universal Sole 20-miler next week downtown (credit to Whitney's blog for giving me awareness).

Recap of 2/26 week

Mon 2/26 - 5 miles easy on treadmill
Tue 2/27 - 5 miles - cut short from 7
Wed 2/28 - Rest
Thu 3/1 - 8 miles
Fri 3/2 - 3 miles easy on treadmill
Sat 3/3 - 17.27 mi - 8:04 avg pace
Sun 3/4 - Rest

Total mileage for week: 38+

Goal for next week: 48. Check out my upcoming weeks below. Goal is to get to Boston with health and reasonable fitness to enjoy my first ever Boston Marathon.


Bob said...

Good luck keeping the IT in check and was that an 18 mile mid week run I saw? I am so excited for you to run Boston, can't wait for the report.

Neese said...

i'm so excited for your Boston adventure as well.. i think i want to start a list on my blog of all those running Boston and maybe put the race bib # next to it so we can track you all come race day. would that be ok with you?

Bapp said...

The weeks are flying by here. Nice job on doing prevention tactics for the ITB. Keep up the good work on hitting your weekly mileage.

Firefly's Running said...

Great job this week, Ryan!

Running Jayhawk said...

I can't believe it's only a month and a half away!! Mike and I are rooting for you.

Hmm...maybe we need to schedule an RBF gathering when you return so we can get the race report first hand.

Chad said...

Ryan, while you reached your mileage goal for the week, 45% of it came on 1 run. Just a reminder to be careful.

Ryan said...

Bob, that random mid-week 18miler is my attempt to "stay fresh" for the weekend run's in late march, without blowing a long run. I am part of a team to run a fast 8k, which I know I can't do after a long run on Sat. Who knows, the schedule is fluid.

Neese, I'll post the Bib # when I receive it, which hasn't been confirmed yet.

robtherunner said...

Getting to Boston healthy and having a good time sounds like a good plan. One of these years you will be able to go into Boston healthy and well trained and give a fast time a go. Stay healthy!