Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shamrock Shuffle Report - I love P.R.'s!

Today's Shamrock Shuffle was another great race for me. For the second consecutive week, I managed to surprise myself. Maybe it's a clue that I need to stop underestimating my ability.

I was fortunate enough to have an "A" corrall assignment as a result of my marathon time last year. Lining up at the front of a 30,000 field was quite an awesome experience. I felt professional.

If you check out yesterday's post, you'll see that I set a goal of a P.R. of 32:25. Had I not run the half so well last week, I wouldn't have dreamed of setting it. Even McMillan's chart said I was in position for 33:02.

I blasted out of the gate with the top runners and quickly realized I was nearly in over my head. I tried to calm myself and get a rhythm. Truthfully, my legs felt a little soft in the first mile. I was really concerned that I wouldn't be able to hold the sub-7 pace I knew I wanted to hold.

At Mile 2, I grabbed a gatorade and pushed ahead. I sighed in relief when I saw 16:30 on my watch, because then I knew I was about half way done. I hit the 5k mark at 20:01 and laughed to myself when I thought about last year I how I wasn't sure I would ever get a sub-20 5k. I just nearly did it in an 8k race.

For the last 1.5 miles, I really couldn't tell how fast I was running. The heat was getting to me and I wasn't sure if I had the endurance to come anywhere close to my first three miles. Like I’ve heard many times before, racing HURTS.

When I rounded the turn and hit mile four with a 6:29 split, I knew I could P.R. I buckled down and braced for some pain. The hill on the final 0.5 really got me panting something fierce.

When I made the final turn to see the finish in the distance, I knew I had a P.R., but, wait, could I actually break 32:00?

The answer was YES!

I am not afraid to admit that the 5k and 8k races seem to take more out of me than the double-digit milers. Maybe it's my imagination, but these 3 and 5 mile races are sprints that rip me up. I needed a nap this afternoon.

I celebrated with a free beer and then lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.
Now, I am getting ready for bed so I can get my long run in this week. Nothing like getting up at 5:00 AM for an 18-miler.

Race stats:

Placed 283rd overall out of 23,685 (top 1.1%)
Placed 49th out of 2,318 in M30-34 group (top 2.1%)
Placed 261st out of 11,007 men overall (top 2.3%)

GOAL FOR 3/26 WEEK: 45 (incl. a 17-18 miler and a 20 miler)


Banking Miles said...

Awesome job on another PR, wow. Who would have thunk it after your winter of ITB and weather issues. Maybe you should check Ryan's calculator instead of McMillan's - he may be the one underestimating you. Now on to Boston. Good luck and enjoy the experience.

Chad said...

Sweet. Nice job Ryan. Congrats on the PR. It's really amazing give your recent injury and realatively low mileage.

And you don't even look like a hockey player any more.

Running Jayhawk said...

dear god you are one fast mother effer.

you've got big things ahead of you in boston...i can feel it!

Neese said...

WAHOO!! you ARE a pro! way to go! Watch out Boston here he comes!

wayfool said...

nice job champ! I think there will be some more chunks of time coming off that PR. Way to finish strong at the end.

BTW, if you go to the BAA website ( you can look up your number. We might be in the same corral.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome - you are truly speedy. Way to go.

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads, Ryan! I wish I could have pointed you from the crowd. Awesome job!!

Bob said...

Great Run Ryan, it is pretty amazing what the mind can get the body to do if you want it bad enough. You must be getting pretty juiced for Boston now.

robtherunner said...

Congrats, Ryan! You keep surprising yourself in a good way. I hope you have more surprises like this throughout the year.

Fran said...

Nice job! You just seem to get faster and faster.