Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gearing up for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k

Recap of week to date

Mon - Rest
Tue - 8 miles - 7:53 avg pace
Wed - 10 miles - 8:04 avg pace
Thu - Rest
Fri - 8 miles - 7:50 avg pace
Sat - 3.2 miles recovery - 8:40 avg pace

I'm getting ready for tomorrow's Chicago Shamrock Shuffle.

Aggressive Strech Goal Plan for Shamrock Shuffle 8k - by the mile

Mile 1 - 6:39
Mile 2- 6:34 - 13:13
Mile 3 - 6:30 - 19:43
Mile 4 - 6:29 - 26:12
Final 0.97 - 6:13 - 32:25

GOAL RACE TIME: 32:25 (1 sec faster than my 8k PR - May 2006)

This is a stretch goal, but I figure, hey, what the hell, let's see what I can do tomorrow. I'm going to rip through the miles as best I can.

I had to alter the Boston training schedule quite a bit with races on consecutive Sundays. I'm excited for tomorrow's race, but not so excited to try to squeeze in 17 miles on Monday morning before work. I have to get this longer run in since I've had not had one this week.

I fly to London again for a conference on Monday night, and will have very little time for running during the week. Plan is to get 17 miles early Monday AM, then get to work by 9:30 AM.

I hope to squeeze in a total of 8 miles from Tuesday to Friday. I'm staying Friday night in London, just to check out the city, since I never really have. Fly back to Chicago on Sat AM.

Then, on Sunday April 1st, I will do my final 20 miler before Boston. I will head up to the hills of the Aboretum on my own, since the CARA group runs on Saturday. I'll get it done. Boston, here I come!!


Neese said...

I did a little Shamrock shufflin today myself, hope yours is as enjoyable as mine but much faster! :)

Firefly's Running said...

You can do it, Ryan. I will be watching for you on the sidelines.